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heavy goods transport

Hyroad is a hydrogen infrastructure platform with the mission to decarbonize long-haul trucking, one of the most significant carbon-emitting sectors globally. 

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We are building the backbone of a hydrogen ecosystem for trucks, which we believe will accelerate OEM capital allocation and adoption by shippers and carriers. 

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Our network planning is driven by fuel cost optimization, with the objective of making hydrogen available at a cost competitive with alternative fuels.


We believe the solution must be bespoke to the use case. Our focus on trucking means that we make hydrogen available in locations near trucking hubs and arteries, and that our stations are designed for heavy duty vehicles.

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Innovation is at the core of what we do but our roots are in big energy and we prioritize safety and reliability.

We do the work for you and deliver a fully-fueled truck that’s ready to haul.

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